HCM Skinny-Are Managers Friendly with Employees? Should They Be?

I thought this was an interesting piece because it’s something that many managers (new and tenured) struggle with on a daily basis. I’ve seen managers take the extreme approach and demand respect from their team and build relationships in an authoritative manner; I’ve also seen the approach where they try to be best friends with employees so they can ‘be on the same level’.

 I think most leaders will agree that it is critical to find a healthy balance between building relationships with your employees while still holding your authority. With millennials taking over the workforce, they’ve created an environment where it is critical for managers to build relationships with the people that report to them. I’ve written posts before that discuss the number one reason why people leave a job now is because of their direct manager, it’s not the company or even their compensation…it’s the direct manager. People want to like the person they work for and they want to respect them.

 Employees don’t come in the office to socialize (if they do, you probably hired the wrong person), they come in to grow and develop their career. They need someone to help them do that, and it is important for both parties to get along. Employees don’t want a best friend (in regards to their boss), they want someone who will help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Top quote from article:

Many organizations try to make the workplace feel family-like, so by extension, they feel comfortable with their work environment and are happier. Lois Krause, Consultant at KardasLarson

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