HCM Skinny-5 Insights into Military Vets’ Job Search Challenges

Every company needs to have a strategy when it comes to hiring and retaining veterans. Veterans have given their lives to ensure our freedom, it is necessary for us to give veterans every possible opportunity when they return home.

 From an employee standpoint, veterans are extremely well rounded, have been trained on dealing with adversity, they work well in teams, and they have a never give up attitude. Besides the necessary skills, what else do you want from an employee? On top of that, hiring veterans is a great PR move and you can take advantage of the work opportunity tax credit programs.

Be thankful for everything that we have. Make sure you take this day (and everyday) to give thanks to our service men and women.   

Top quote from article:

The vast majority of Americans hold our military in high regard and when businesses showcase their commitment to veteran hiring and retention, it’s great for their business on so many levels. Evan Guzman, Founder at MiLBRAND Project

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