HCM Skinny-In 2019, Most Coveted Employee Perk Will be This One Thing

The gig economy has completely changed the landscape of work. From compensation to on-site company resources, organizations have been forced to change what they offer employees because it is easier than ever for people to earn a living by doing freelance work.

The gig economy exists because people want to control their hours and have more freedom. Once again, this is forcing companies to adapt. As you can see by this article, one of the new trends will be for companies to shorten their work week.

Shortening the work week sounds great, but companies need to make sure they evaluate their culture and staff to ensure this is the best option for the organization.    

Top quote from article:

Companies with a leadership team and staff who are well-rested, happy, and believe their goals can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time are more trusted and respected. J.T. O’Donnell, CEO WorkitDaily

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