HCM Skinny-Survey: Remote Workers Are More Disengaged and More Likely to Quit

Who saw this coming? If you think about it, this was actually a somewhat obvious outcome to the huge push to go remote around 5-10 years ago. Sure, there are many added benefits to having a remote workforce, from a company’s standpoint, it is a lot cheaper and employees tend to be more productive. What’s strange is more productive employees are typically more engaged and loyal…why is that not the case here?

Everything always comes back to communication. How often do you have a meaningful conversation with the employees that are working remote? How often do the remote employees have meaningful conversations with their coworkers? The answer to both questions is more than likely “not very often”.

From an organizational standpoint, if you have a large employee population that works remote, do you have an effective strategy in place to constantly open communication and ensure that you are building a great culture for all employees?

If you don’t, chances are that your employees aren’t happy and they will leave, regardless of their productivity.

Never forget about culture, it always dictates the success of the company.

Top quote from article:

Although research shows that remote workers are more productive, and they’ll tell you that they enjoy the flexibility, they typically won’t reveal how isolated they are. Some companies have gone to extremes to either force everyone into the office or enable all employees to work remote, but very often, meeting in the middle is best. Dan Schwabel, Partner at Future Workplace

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