HCM Skinny-ACA Obligations Remain in Place Despite Court Ruling

It’s a good thing the ACA wasn’t confusing in the first place (note the sarcasm)! What does the federal judge’s ruling that the ACA is unconstitutional mean for companies? Right now, nothing.

This ruling is seen as a ‘declaratory judgement’ but not an injunction to freeze the ACA, according to the article. This ruling is sure to be appealed and will take one to two years to straighten out. For organizations, that means that you should still operate under the assumption that you need to comply with everything outlined in the Affordable Care Act, including the reporting requirements.

Top quote from article:

Compliance with the ACA’s employer mandate and employer reporting requirements are still in effect and employers should continue to comply with these requirements until the Supreme Court upholds or overturns the recent decision. Chatrane Birbal, Director of Policy at SHRM

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