HCM Skinny-Are You HR Agile?

HR Agility…the ‘sexy’ HR term that everyone will be talking about over the next few years. This article is interesting, I felt it was geared towards larger companies with complex workforces, but when really thinking about the message and content, it is extremely relevant to smaller organizations.

Your initial thoughts might be that smaller companies should have no issue with HR agility, but the fact is they probably struggle more than larger organizations. Think about it, an HR Director or practitioner at a small to mid-sized organization rarely has the ability to only focus on HR. Call it a blessing or curse, but these individuals are typically very well rounded because they assist with multiple functions in the organization. Due to that, it creates a difficult environment for the HR department to be agile.

The problem with all of this is that if a company is not agile from an HR perspective, then the organization is more than likely not agile in any other sense. HR drives corporate initiatives by providing all employees with the foundation and structure required to be successful.   

How can you become more agile? Benchmark the status quo and implement different strategies to gain efficiencies where necessary. Whether it’s leveraging technology or making internal adjustments, the goal should always be geared towards becoming more agile.

Top quote from article:

It is prudent to gain a clear understanding of the status-quo in order to ensure that a baseline is firmly established before any measures are taken within the realm of HR agility. Murad Salman Mirza, Practitioner

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