HCM Skinny-Creating a Talent Driven Competitive Advantage

I think all executives and HR Directors understand that recruiting is incredibly important to an organization’s success. Whether it is finding the right people quickly or continuously recruiting your current employees (for retention purposes), it is critical for an organization to have a tight process on selecting and retaining individuals so that the company an operate to it’s fullest potential.

Executives need to constantly evaluate their recruiting and onboarding processes to ensure everything happens in a timely process so that it is a good experience for the candidate AND a good experience for the hiring team. Most importantly, your hiring and interview process needs to paint an accurate picture on the culture of the organization, job responsibilities etc. so that both parties (candidate and company) can make the right decision. I’ve been there before and there is nothing worse than making a ‘bad hire’; everything you put into that candidate ends up being a waste of time and money.

Now that you’ve hired that employee, focus on retaining them on a daily basis. As a manager, I always told myself I had 2 main jobs (outside of company goals, etc.). Those 2 jobs were to create an environment where my employees wanted to come to work everyday and then help them resolve any conflict they may experience during the day. I knew if I effectively completed both of those tasks then I would never have an issue retaining critical talent. Also, if you create a great culture and an environment where your employees want to come to work, that will significantly help you with recruiting new employees.

Always make sure your organization has a maniacal focus on recruiting and retaining employees; if you succeed, EVERYTHING else will become easy.

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CEOs who do consider their companies successful at attracting top talent, only 7% believe they are effective in retaining them. Melissa Meunier, Engage2Excel

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