HCM Skinny-The Not So Obvious Reasons Your Teams Are Underperforming

Over the past decade, there have been numerous articles that dive deep into the differences/nuances between over-performing and under-performing teams. Finding the ‘silver bullet’ would dramatically change the performance of an organization.

There is always one common link between performance theories…it’s the people. Everything has and will always revolve around the people in the organization. Many people would argue (and there is data to back it up) that the direct manager has the largest impact on the team’s performance. Others would argue (and there is data to back it up, ie this article) that the manager doesn’t matter; it is the tenure and skill of the team that have the largest impact on the team’s performance.

Regardless of the circumstances, the organization’s ability to attract and retain the right individuals (whether it is management or associates) that can perform their designated task while fitting into the culture will always dictate the performance of that specific team.

Now, assembling the right team is great, but it is critical to retain those players. Turnover is expensive; it’s not easy to find the right people, and it is extremely difficult and time consuming to train a new employee with the hopes that they develop the skills and knowledge of the individual that left the organization.

Companies have to win the people game. Don’t make it a priority, it needs to be the priority.

Top quote from article:

The evidence appears solid – we can say with a good degree of confidence that new teams suck, no matter what the team. Martin Lister, Partner at Humantelligence

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