HCM Skinny-How to Create Your Leadership User Manual

This is an article that I immediately thought “I wish I would have done this!”.

From what I’ve seen in my career, the biggest areas of opportunity that companies have with their employees are:

1.     Role clarity

2.     Employee engagement

3.     New leader development

Although this article focuses on the Leadership User Manual, this practice can easily solve for the 3 problems listed above.

Companies constantly struggle with effectively onboarding employees. You have to get them acclimated to their new environment, their team, their manager, and their new job. How turnkey would it be to receive a ‘User Manual’ on your first day that outlined your role, KPI’s, and expectations as well as a ‘User Manual’ on your manager’s management style, expectations, and do’s/don’ts? This would immediately add role clarity and increase engagement because the employee would know their expectations and have a general idea on how to operate in their new environment.

Also, it would be a great idea to provide new leaders with a ‘User Manual’ or ‘How-to-Guide’ on how to be a high performing and effective leader in their specific department and organization. Few leaders actually have the skills to be great leaders right off the bat, they need coaching and need to develop in order to fully realize their potential. A ‘User Manual’ would be a great way to jump start their leadership career and set the framework on what is now expected of them. 

The more role clarity you can provide up front will allow for a shorter ramp up time and will inherently create a more engaged workforce.

Top quote from article:

There can be no great leadership or team performance without a foundation of trust. Kevin Kruse, CEO Leadx.org

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