HCM Skinny-How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy

People analytics have been ‘the next big thing’ for about 5 years now. Why are we still talking about people analytics like it is a new concept that can significantly help an organization? There are 2 simple reasons: People analytics can significantly help an organization and we are still talking about it because few companies are actually utilizing people analytics to help their company.

From my experience, people are scared by the idea of people analytics because they think they are too small or they won’t have sufficient data to make a difference. It’s not a matter of size or sufficient data, everyone can have access to the information; companies need the right systems and processes in place to recognize this data.

The data is there, it is living in your company. It’s time to start leveraging the knowledge and information you already have to maximize organizational effectiveness.

Top quote from article:

As organizations increasingly look to data to help them in their transformation efforts, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t just mean having more data or better charts. It’s about mastering the organizational muscle of using data to make better decisions; to hypothesize, experiment, measure and adapt. Chantrelle Nielson, Research and Strategy for Workplace Analytics

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Chris Olson