HCM Skinny-Why Look Outside When You Already Have Great People

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and this is one of those moments. I just got done working on a project for an organization and one of the biggest areas of improvement the organization has is putting in programs in place to help develop, engage, and retain their workforce. This company isn’t falling behind because they think this isn’t important, they have fallen behind because the rest of their business is really, really important. It seems like an easy excuse, but that statement is true for most companies.

It’s time that organizations realize that their talent is also really, really important. Putting in place specific programs to help train your employees so they can turn their current job into a career is great for everyone involved. Who cares if employees job-hop at a higher rate than ever? According to most studies, they job hop because they don’t feel valued or feel like they are growing their career at their current company.

Don’t get me wrong, hiring outside the organization is not a bad option; just make sure to give your internal staff every opportunity to succeed and thrive in their current conditions.  

Top quote from article:

Truly transforming how HR is delivered will require your organization to become more human centered, leverage digital tools to your advantage, and personalize the employee career journey. Most businesses aren’t positioned for transformation. Linda Ginac, CEO of Talent Guard

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