HCM Skinny-4 Steps to Becoming a World Class HR Organization

This is a great, short read around the areas to focus if you want to build a strong HCM foundation for your organization. Small to mid-market organizations are always going to be pulled in many directions, it’s critical to streamline administrative tasks so they don’t get dragged away from the organization’s mission.

For the most part, most small to mid-sized organizations already run very lean when it comes to HR staff; the common issue is companies don’t give their HR staff the proper tools to do their job effectively. As outlined in the article, here are 4 easy steps that a company can take to build a world class HR team:

1.     Baseline your current processes and identify areas of improvement

2.     Find ways to utilize technology to become better

3.     Focus on enhancing HR and your customer’s experience

4.     Build and study your people analytics

An organization’s HR functions are something that should be constantly evaluated and benchmarked; HR manages the most important part of the organization (the people) so it is critical to make sure they have everything necessary to be successful.

Top quote from article:

We’ve reached an inflection point where world-class HR organizations are moving beyond exploration and adopting new technology and analytics tools to become leaner, smarter and more customer focused. It’s the next chapter in transforming HR to operate as a true strategic partner to the business. Max Caldwell, Principal, People & HR Transformation, the Hackett Group

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