HCM Skinny-4 Keys to Developing Insanely Happy and Productive Employees

Everyone has heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life”…This same theory applies to business, “happy employees, happy company”. Although it’s not as catchy, it’s still incredibly important. The theory is simple, the happier your employees are at work, the more excited they are to come to work. The more excited they are to come to work, the more productive they will be at work (in theory).

One simple question that many organizations fail to evaluate is “Are my employees excited to come to work every day?”

If they aren’t excited to come to work, how productive do you think that employee will be during the work day? Before starting New Heights Consulting, I was the Vice President of Sales for the industry leader in the HCM space. Although I was responsible for growing market share, increasing sales, and executing corporate strategy, at the end of the day, I personally felt I only had 2 jobs: to create an environment where people wanted to come to work and conflict resolution.

I knew that if I could minimize conflict for my team and create an environment where everyone wanted to come to work, then I would have a great foundation for a sales organization. Don’t get too focused on corporate initiatives, growing revenue, etc. Keep it simple and start by creating a culture where people want to come into the building.

Top quote from article:

By rewarding your employees with more than just cash and showing a vested interest in their careers, you won't just be making your employees happy -- you'll also be creating a more productive work environment. Jeremy Goldman, CEO Firebrand Group

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