HCM Skinny-Coping with Tech Overload: Is There an App for That?

Calm down with the technology! It’s exhausting.

That might seem counterintuitive with the idea behind New Heights Consulting (an HCM consultant with an emphasis on technology). The problem is that companies are trying to use too much technology, at one time, and are not putting as much thought into rolling out these tools as they did when purchasing them.

If you haven’t noticed, employees tend to tune things out. They either aren’t engaged and don’t care, or they are incredibly engaged and don’t want to lose focus on what they are doing.

Companies have done a fantastic job trying to provide their employees with tools that will make them incredibly efficient and give the employees the cutting-edge technology that they expect in their professional life. Where we’ve seen this fall short is a lack of preparation and implementation on the rollout of these tools to employees.

Make sure you are investing in technology that is going to add value to the employees, and most importantly, make sure you take time to put in a program to teach the employees why the company is making this investment and the impact it can have on their work. If they don’t understand the value behind something, there will always be a low adoption rate and an inherent frustration with ‘tools’ overload.


Top quote from article:

"There are so many new systems being introduced, and companies are still struggling with integrating multiple systems," Cran said, "and this causes workers to tune out.". Cheryl Cran, Founder of Next Mapping

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