Most small to mid-sized companies find they must spend too much time researching and evaluating different strategies and vendors to help with their Human Capital Management needs. There are too many options and too many undifferentiated vendors.

Even when a solution has been selected, implementation is often a painful, costly, time-consuming, failure prone nightmare. Much too often, the full capabilities of the new systems and services are never fully implemented or utilized.

New Heights Consulting has a defined, efficient process to help you evaluate and select the right vendors the first time, then implement their solutions efficiently, and ensure that you are fully utilizing the services as intended. Our approach reduces by as much as 80% the time you spend on vendor selection allowing you to have more time focusing on your business. 


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Your organization needs a solid foundation that keeps your business nimble and competitive in today’s complex economy. New Heights can evaluate your HCM internal structure and make recommendations on staffing, processes/procedures, and current vendor relationships. Our evaluation process helps you:

  • Audit internal staffing, processes, and vendor relationships

  • Identify points of friction and opportunity

  • Create and rollout HCM strategies specific to your organization's needs




Picking the right HCM vendor to help manage an organization’s greatest asset and biggest investment – its employees – is a serious responsibility. But it is also difficult and time-consuming for small to mid-sized companies. Why? Because HCM vendors offer little variety or differentiated alignment with client needs. At New Heights Consulting, we have the expertise and proven process for significantly reducing the time, money, and risk associated with your vendor evaluations. It is critical for an organization to pick the right vendor to help manage the largest asset and expense in their organization, their people. Our vendor evaluation process helps you:

  • Search & select qualified vendors

  • Prepare for and conduct vendor meetings

  • Facilitate technology functionality demonstrations

  • Prepare RFPs

  • Proposal negotiation



Implementation and Project Management

Selecting the right vendor is just the first step in ensuring you maximize your HCM investment. Step number two is ensuring a proper, efficient, and effective implementation. New Heights Consulting’s tenured professionals will help you achieve the full benefits of your selected technology, employing their experience with high-quality HCM environments. NHC will:

  • Manage vendor and client communication

  • Manage roadmap and timeline

  • Oversee entire implementation project



Ongoing Support

Proper and complete utilization is a challenge for all technologies, but especially HCM as it continues to evolve to offer new and greatly needed capabilities. But full utilization is rarely a firm focus on the part of the chosen vendor’s implementation process. New Heights offers ongoing support to ensure that HR and managers understand how to leverage the tools and helps executives understand the data collected so that they can spot trends and make more informed business decisions.

We help you utilize your investment by providing you with:

  • Quarterly reviews based on initial project

  • Ongoing recommendations based on organizational change


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